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Nov. 11, 2021

Single-cell sequencing is new technology that is giving us new genomic capabilities.
Dr. Luciano Martelotto join us to explain how single-cell sequencing allows scientists to understand cells as building blocks, much like LEGO, which form part of a much bigger structure such as an organ, a tissue, a disease, and so forth.
Dr. James McLaren utilizes this technology to look at septicemia; in his work is using single-cell analysis to better understand sepsis and to develop a rapid diagnostic test.
Single-cell sequencing could hold the key to understanding why the body reacts to infections and overall to help us advance healthcare.
Join Dodi, Conor and their guests, Dr. Luciano Martelotto, Scientific Director of Single-cell Lab at Harvard Medical School, and Dr. James McLaren, Systems Immunity lecture at Cardiff University in the latest episode of Discovery Matters. (adapted by Spotify)

Single-Cell Protocols

April 12, 2025

Do you want to know what protocols the single-cell ninjas are using? Join our workspace at protocols.io and you will be always up to date.

Chemistry Class

Single Cell Genomics Library Structure

April 12, 2025

Collections of library structure and sequence of popular single cell genomic methods (mainly scRNA-seq). Most single cell sequencing methods are developed to be sequenced on the Illumina platforms. If you are not familiar with the general structure of Illumina sequencing libraries, check some general information about Illumina library structures and the nature of library preparation.

Five keys to writing a reproducible lab protocol!

September 6, 2021

More than 60% of respondents to a 2016 Nature survey said they had tried to repeat other scientists’ experiments and been unable to do so. Here are some tools for making methods reproducible.


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